About My Kitchen​

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About Me

I have always been very passionate about healthy living. I was raised in a household where we always ate our vegetables, but I think when I was diagnosed with an underactive thyroid at age 11, that is when my real passion for healthy eating started to develop. As I grew up I noticed how, not only with myself, but with my Gran who beat cancer purely with diet, and with my mom, who had radical improvements in her health when she changed what she ate that healthy eating DOES make a difference. It made me really interested in why certain foods are good for us and what following a healthy diet can accomplish. Along with my passion for health, I’ve also always been incredibly organised. So when I started working full time I had a strong desire to be organised enough to stay eating healthily, no matter how busy I got. That’s when the salads in a jar started. My favourite part of a Sunday evening was meal prep and then starting Monday with a fridge full of pretty salads in a jar. Before this all began, I worked in the travel industry for years, my other passion. So when 2020 hit us with a worldwide pandemic and I was forced to look for new work, I knew I couldn’t do something I wasn’t passionate about. I have also seen for years, how people want to eat healthily, but then life catches up with them and all their health goals go out of the window. Basically unemployed, I decided to combine my first love of health and my desire to want to help people live a healthier lifestyle and so Gisele’s Healthy Kitchen began.

About My Food

I want to not only bring you the freshest and healthiest meals but they need to be as nutritious as possible. Most of the vegetables I use in my salads and meals are organic and freshly picked on Saturday morning. The rest of the vegetables that aren’t sold at the organics farm, I get from another farm fresh on Saturday morning. I use free range chicken in my meals and salads to provide the best quality to you. I also ensure I am cooking with unrefined coconut oil or extra virgin olive oil only. Due to the health benefits I only use Himalayan Salt. The spices I use also contain no sugar or MSG. I cook for you, as if I were cooking for myself, using only the best ingredients and the healthiest options.

About My Values

Food tastes better when it’s made with love and passion and so my values are to always cook a meal with love. I strive to provide fresh quality produce. I want you to feel amazing and have the easiest weeks possible, where it comes to eating healthily, so I ensure I only cook with healthy products and my meals always are tasty. My meals will be low in sugar, low in unhealthy carbs and contain virtually no unhealthy fats. I want you to have a balanced, healthy lifestyle, so I will cook with the same passion I cook for myself and my husband. I will always try to bring my positivity to the fore and hope some of it creeps into your life and allows you to have the best healthiest week you can possibly have.

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