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Frequently Asked Questions!

The hot meals last 4 days and the salads last 5 days. Because they are in a sealed jar and due to the way they are layered, it keeps it fresher for longer.

Kindly keep the jars safe. Besides us doing our part for the environment by reusing them, I wanted healthy eating to be as affordable as possible, so I haven’t worked the cost of the jar into the meal. When you order again I will collect the old jars when I drop your new order. If you don’t order again, I will arrange a suitable time to collect the jars in the new week

Meals are freshly made for optimal freshness. Hot meals are made Sunday evening and salads are made Monday morning

R10 delivery in Burgundy
R15 for area’s within a 5km radius
R20-R40 for 10-20km Radius
R40-R60 for 20-30km Radius

The total delivery will be included on your invoice based on your delivery address.

Please feel free to Whatsapp or email me, I am more than happy to try to accommodate you where possible.

I send my weekly menu over Whatsapp every Tuesday. Send me a message on 081 354 0265 if you’d like me to include you in the Broadcast list

Orders must be placed by Thursday 9pm

Meals are delivered on Monday between 11-5pm (depending on the area) and then you are all set for a healthy week

I am located in Burgundy area and deliver to Northern Suburbs, Southern Suburbs, Tableview and Cape Town or anywhere in a 30 km radius.

All jars get rinsed with Milton and then washed in the dishwasher. I cook with a mask on and where necessary use gloves. All vegetables get rinsed in salt water.

They change weekly, so keep your eye out for the new menu which is loaded on Tuesday evening or let me know if you’d like to be added to my mailing list on 081 354 0265

Once you’ve placed your order on the website I will send you an invoice including the bank details and you will need to do an EFT within 24 hours to confirm the order

Order before 11pm on Thursday 27th June for orders to be collected/delivered Monday 1st July