Let's Eat Healthy In

In Gisele's kitchen we strive to bring you healthy meals packed with flavour, because why should healthy eating taste boring. We have made it convenient for you to stick to your healthy eating goals, even when life gets in the way.

Order your meals for the whole week to make healthy eating delicious, varied AND easy!

With the way the ingredients are layered and because it’s in a sealed jar, the meals last 5 days. They remain completely fresh, ready for you to toss out onto a plate during a busy day and get a filling, delicious, healthy grab & go meal.

Place orders by latest Thursday 7pm. This allows us time to source the freshest organic vegetables direct from the farm and order from our suppliers to get you the best price. Then meals will be made on Monday and delivered in time for your lunch or dinner (depending on the area)

Our salads and meals are packed with organic vegetables and free range chicken. Visit our frequently asked question page for any questions you may have.

Order before 11pm on Thursday 9th May for orders to be collected/delivered Monday 13th May